why cant kids that are 8 go on camp orange

All About Camp Orange

This page is all about Camp Orange. So you may be asking yourself, what is Camp Orange? Well...

Camp Orange is an Australian kid reality TV show that airs on Nickelodeon Australia. The series is hosted by Maude Garrett. It is where 4 groups of 2 best friends battle it out in challenges for prizes and the title of Camp Orange Champions. It's all recorded on camera, all the challenges and the behind the scenes antics. It has aired on Nickelodeon since 2005. The 2009 series has just ended, and no one knows for sure yet if there is going to be any more seasons. If they are having more seasons, you have to be from 10 to 13 years of age and you have to love fun because Camp Orange is a lot of fun. You get to also have to choose one of your best friends to come with you on the journey.

Right now we're even including a very early competition guidelines list so here goes. All auditions must be VHS or DVD only, otherwise the people at Nickelodeon can't return your audition. Do not tape up your envelope or otherwise it makes it very hard to open. Do not include anything else in your package besides your recorded audition. Last but not least, only one team entry per envelope to prevent confusion between teams.

Also right here and now we've also got audition tips for Camp Orange auditioners.
1. The whole idea of the audition is to get to know you better so show them what makes you a good team for Camp Orange.
2. Don't be a copycat! Be original and make your own things because the people at Nickelodeon receive so many audtions every year so try and make yourself stand out.
3. Make sure that they can hear you properly so make sure that any background music isn't too loud.
4. The video must be no more than 3 minutes max.

5. In the audition show how crazy you can be keep it jam packed dontt let it be boring and show your strengths not your weaknesses!! 😝😝

Also here's what you should include in your audition, both of your names, ages and where you live, how long have you been friends for, yell camp orange rocks in a public place to see that you have guts, get messy somehow with slime etc, do a secret team handshake or dance and make them realize your special talents but just remember the 3 minute time limit. BE YOURSELF DO NOT TRY TO BE A CHARACTER!!!!!!!